Eastern Marquees has been operating in Cambridgeshire for over two decades. We are a hands on, family run business with an emphasis on a personal service you can rely upon. We have a great reputation and most of our work is by word of mouth and repeat customers.

Our marquees are competitively priced and are of high quality, the industry standard, free-standing aluminium construction. Fully water and wind proof. They can be positioned to stand free on your site, or adjoining to existing buildings, or with connecting walkways. The side walls can be open or closed, and window sections added for extra light and style. The marquees can be fully lined – the perfect venue for all types of outdoor event.

Outside the Marquee

Externally the marquee provides a highly flexible venue for your event. It can be arranged in a wide range of configurations to exactly meet your specification. A typical wedding configuration would comprise the main marquee for your guests, with an attached smaller service marquee for the caterers to be on hand, and possibly an entrance walkway.

Inside the Marquee

Inside the marquee we recommend the use of window panels and fabric linings to create a stylish effect. We can supply tables, chairs, linings, dancefloors, staging, bar and “MR &MRS” letters available for hire with or without a marquee.


We provide a range of lighting options for your marquee ranging from simple string and festoon lighting, to chandeliers. Options include lighting dimmers and ‘stay on’ exit signs for the the safety of your guests.

Table Settings

For seating, we provide a range of table settings including various sized round tables, top tables, cake tables and traditional trestles. Chairs are of stackable wooden type or natural beech banquet chairs. Other options are available.

Carpet, Dancefloor & Bar

You can choose from a full range of carpeting and flooring for your marquee, including also staging and other furnishings.

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